Get inspired with our new collection of artisan style Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel designs featuring hammered textures, pops of color and convertibility.

We gave you a sneak peek at four amazing earring styles from the new Artisan Collection, but get ready to see the entire collection in all it’s splendour! This array of 21 new pieces embodies something a little different for Tocara, a foray into somewhat of a vintage and hand-crafted category of styles, but nonetheless still speaks to what the brand is all about – quality, empowerment, fashion and fun. We hope you and your customers enjoy this new collection just as much as we do.

“A large part of this endeavour, wasn’t just about designing a new collection but rather designing styles that brought of life the story and the inspiration behind its creation.”


how it all started…

RR: What was the inspiration behind the collection and the name “Artisan?”

RM: I’ve been in the business of designing, marketing and selling jewelry for pretty much my entire career. My humble beginnings started in old Montreal on the cobblestone street of Rue St. Aimable known as Artisan Alley. Located off the famous Jacques Cartier Square I set up a little table to sell jewelry I was designing and importing. I did this year after year to help put myself through school. On occasion when I visit that area now I get a great sense of nostalgia especially seeing the brass sculpture I commissioned artist Philippe Desrochers to create. To this day it adorns the entryway to the courtyard Jardin Aimable and represents the artisans and their wares.

With the Artisan Collection, I wanted to develop something that brought me back to my roots, recognizing where it all started. I drew a lot of my inspirations for this collection from the styles I used to sell. Coupled with a touch of modern flare, the collection and Artisan name was born.

RR: A small preview of the line was recently released. How has that been received?

RM: We’ve been teasing the field for a couple months now and I think the anticipation has been mounting for people to see the entire line-up this June. When we released the four pairs of earrings it got everyone excited and wanting to see more. I’m really thrilled to launch these beautiful versatile styles and the fabulous brochure. The sharp photography and background settings truly show off the product in the most positive light.

RR: Will we see more of these styles in the future?

RM: Absolutely! These designs represent Tocara’s beginnings and we are passionate about introducing more styles that bring a different dimension to Tocara’s product line-up. We are working on some amazing designs that I can’t wait to release this fall.

Le Jardin Aimable on Rue St. Amable

Place Jacques Cartier / Old Montréal